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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

5/5/20 thru 5/11/20

5/5/2020 Officers took a report over the phone for a past B & E & L of a motor vehicle. The victim  noticed the drivers side door to be ajar of his vehicle, and it  had been rummaged through.  A report was filed.

5/06/20 Officers took a report for fraud. The victim was attempting to purchase sneakers on Instagram. A report has been filed.

05/06/2020 Officers were flagged down by a Stop & Shop employee who stated that someone had just taken bags of shrimp from the store without paying. Officers stopped a subject who fit the description.  The subject  was advised that he would be summonsed into Brookline District Court for Shoplifting (Chapter 266 Sec 30A)

5/6/2020 Officers were dispatched  to the area of Salisbury Rd. and Corey Rd. for a report of a bike theft that just occurred.  A description was provided by the caller, and Officers were able to locate the subject. After an investigation the subject was advised that he would be summoned in for M.G.L. Ch. 266 s.16A  Breaking and Entering with in Intent to Commit a Misdemeanor. A criminal complaint has been filed.

05/06/2020, Officers were dispatched to 111 Carlton St a public road in the town of Brookline for a motor vehicle accident involving 2 vehicles at approximately 1715 hours. No injuries reported, no vehicles were towed.

05/06/20 Officers took a report by telephone with a resident of Winthrop Rd,  who reported her bicycle had been stolen from her building. The bicycle is described as a Fuji Finest brand, blue and white in color, black and blue seat, black handle bars, rear and front lights, approximate value of $300.00. A report has been filed.

05/07/20 Officers took report over the phone from a resident of Davis Court. The victim reports being notified by Amazon that a package of paper towels had been delivered to his home. When the victim went out to retrieve the package, the package was gone. A report has been filed.

05/08/20, Officers responded to an address on Beacon St. for a possible Larceny of a Package. The caller reports that this morning he found a package torn open in front of his residency on Beacon St. There were multiple undisturbed packages as well as mail piling up at the residence. The torn open package was secured into evidence until the owner can be notified.

05/08/20, Officers responded to an address on Hyslop Road for a report of found property. The reporting party had located a piece of jewelry on Dudley Road. A report has been filed and the item has been placed into evidence for safe keeping.  placed it into evidence locker #13 for safe keeping.

05/08/20, A resident of Aspinwall Ave contacted the Brookline Police to report a package theft.  Video surveillance has been requested from the building management. A report has been filed.

05/09/20, Residents of Winthrop Rd contacted the Brookline Police to report 2 stolen bicycles. The victim reports his brown Cannondale bicycle and black Fuji bicycle were taken from behind his house. A report has been filed.

05/10/2020 Officers responded to an address on Fisher Ave. for a report of a loose dog.  Officers arrived and encountered an Australian Husky.  The dog followed basic commands and was friendly, however she wasn't wearing a collar and the owners could not be identified.  After remaining in the area for several minutes it was decided the dog would be brought to Angel Memorial on South Huntington Ave. in Boston.  Eventually the owner of the dog located and reunited with their dog.
05/10/20 A resident who lives on Harvard St. contacted Brookline Police to report  a package theft. A report has been filed.

05/11/2020 Officers responded to an address on Mason Terrace for a suspicious white male in a black hoodie entering people’s yards. The reporting resident witnessed a white male in a black hoodie going into her yard as well as other neighbor’s yards crouching down, then running out of their yards back onto the street. Officers were able to locate the subject in question.  After an investigation the subject will be summonsed to Brookline District Court, and a criminal complaint will be filed for the following charges:   M.G.L. 94C § 31  - Possession of Class A  -  For possessing a syringe filled with Herion, and M.G.L. 266 § 120 -  Trespassing  -  For entering the fenced in back yard of  an address on Summit Ave.

05/11/20 Officers responded to  Chestnut Pl for a report of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. The victim reports 2 of his vehicles tires had been damaged. The damage appeared to be slash marks.  There was also another vehicle in the lot with similar damage to its tires. A report was filed and a request has been made for a follow-up by Brookline Detectives.

05/11/20 Officers responded to CVS Pharmacy on Harvard Street on reports of a shoplifting. Staff reported that  this afternoon a white male wearing a gray Addis brand T-shirt, gray sweatpants and black baseball cap entered the store to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy counter. While in the store this suspect picked up a pair of Foster Grant brand sunglasses and walked to the rear pharmacy counter. This suspect then paid for his prescription medication and was asked if he was going to pay for the sunglasses. The suspect then walked toward the front entrance while placing the sunglasses in his pants pocket without paying for them, bypassing the cashiers. The subject was identified thru pharmacy records, and surveillance footage. A criminal complaint has been filed with the Brookline District Court.

05/11/20 Officers were dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy on  Harvard Street for a Fraud report,  The Manager reported a customer had passed five $100.00 dollar counterfeit bills to one of his cashiers. A report has been filed and a follow-up with Brookline Detectives will be conducted.

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