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Monday, May 4, 2020

4/30 -- 5/4/20

 04/30/20, Officers responded to  Brookline Police Headquarters, to take a report by telephone of a stolen laptop computer, from an address on Kent St. The reporting party is unsure how the laptop went missing and will be changing her locks.

04/30/2020, Officers responded to a CVS on Beacon St for a shoplifting.  Store security observed a male subject enter the store and he went straight to one aisle, then turned back around. The subject then wandered about the aisles.  After a brief interaction, the subject left the store. Upon reviewing the security surveillance footage, security observed the subject select an item and conceal it under his shirt prior to interacting with him. The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic male with facial hair, wearing a white shirt, black zip-up sweatshirt, grey pants, grey baseball cap with a 'B' written on it, and carrying a black backpack.  Units searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

04/30/20 Officers took a report for a past larceny at the Brookline Health Department.  On April 22, 2020, approximately 15 red tote bags were placed in the unlocked glass vestibule of the Health Department. These bags were filled with office supplies, gloves, hand sanitizer and paperwork. On April 23, the tote bags were no longer in the vestibule.  A request for video footage has been made.

 04/30/20 Officers took a fraud report over the phone. The victim was selling furniture online, and ended up being scammed out of $2000.

05/01/20 Officers were dispatched to an address on Dwight Street for a report of a B&E&L of a motor vehicle. The victim reports parking her vehicle on the street and the next morning she noticed her passenger side door had been "smashed open" and her car rummaged through.  She believes $100.00 in cash was stolen from the glove compartment.  A report has been filed.

5/1/2020 A citizen reported to the Brookline Police that a couple weeks ago her vehicle, while parked on  Harvard Ave. in Brookline had been broken into. At the time she didn't report it because mail and an umbrella were the only things she noticed were missing.  The victim now believes fraudulent checks have been written from information, she believes that was in her mail. Several homes in the area have exterior security cameras, and a follow-up will be conducted.

5/1/20, Officers were dispatched to the area of Amory Park for a report of found property.  A citizen had found a set of keys on the ground near the entrance of the parking lot.  A Toyota brand automotive key was among those in the set, however the FOB unlock button did not work on any of the Toyotas in the lot at that time. The keys will be placed in evidence for safe keeping until the owner can be identified.

05/02/20, Officers, along with the Brookline Fire Department and Fallon Ambulance responded to the intersection of Dummer St. and Amory St. for a motor vehicle crash. There were no reported injuries, and both vehicles were towed from the scene.

05/02/20 Officers took a report, over the phone  from a resident on Sears St. The report was a larceny by credit card. The victim reports items were purchased from an online retailer without his permission/knowledge.

05/02/20 Officers took a report for unauthorized use  of his Visa credit card. The victim was notified by Dell Computers regrading a purchase of three (3) computers.  The cards were immediately cancelled and a report was filed.

05/01/20 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street for a past package theft report. The victim received confirmation from Amazon that her package was delivered at 2:26 pm on 04-29-20. When she went to pick up the package at the front door,  it was missing.  A report has been filed.

05/03/20 Officers responded to a business on Harvard Street on reports of a shoplifting.  Dispatched informed responding Officers that a store manager was following the subjects.  The subjects were located and stopped.  After an investigation it was decided that they would be summonsed into Brookline Court for Shoplifting.

5/3/20 Officers responded to an address on Foster Street Extension for a larceny report.  The victim reports  that sometime between 2:00pm and 6:00pm today various perennial type flowers and plants were taken from the area in front and along the side of her address.  Some of these flowers were planted and others were still in their plastic planters waiting to be planted.  Security footage has been requested and a report was filed.
05/04/20 Officers responded to an address on Beacon St for suspicious activity. Officers located several people, and after a brief investigation it was determined that one of the subjects had several warrants.  One subject was arrested.

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