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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

JANUARY 28, 2020

An officer took a report for larceny from a motor vehicle from a residence on Singletree Rd. Sometime overnight two vehicles were entered through unlocked doors. Sunglasses were stolen from one vehicle and change was stolen from the second. While taking this report, the victim reported to the officer that several pieces of jewelry were stolen from her residence last year. Two additional reports were taken for jewelry stolen in December and July.

An officer took a report for larceny from a motor vehicle from a residence on St Paul St. Sometime over a span of three days, the vehicle was entered through unlocked doors and the contents were rummaged through. The victim reported nothing was stolen.

At 1:45AM, officers responded to the area of Beacon St and St Paul St for an attempted robbery where the victim was threatened with a weapon. The victim stated that while walking on Beacon St, he was followed by the unknown suspect. As the victim approached St Paul St, the suspect asked for a lighter and if the victim wanted to follow him around the corner. At this point the suspect kept one hand in his sweatshirt motioning as if he had a weapon while trying to reach into the victim's pockets. The victim was able to avoid losing any items of value and the suspect fled the area. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.

At 3:00AM, officers responded to a residence on Beacon St for a robbery that occurred an hour prior. The victim stated that he was walking home on Beacon St at approximately 2:00AM. The suspect approached the victim asking if there was convenience store nearby. The victim walked with the suspect to show him where there was convenience store. In the area of Beacon St and Pleasant St, the suspect elbowed the victim in a business foyer where he displayed a knife and demanded money. The victim provided the suspect with all the cash he had at which point the suspect fled the area. The suspect in this case appears to match the description of the suspect in the above mentioned incident.

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