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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Monday, February 4th

11:37AM: Officers responded to reports of larceny on Gorham Avenue. The reporting party ordered two packages from Amazon but only received one. She received a notification from Amazon that two packages had been delivered sometime between 1pm and 3:30pm on Saturday. Police are investigating.

4:23PM: A woman came to Brookline to report a larceny from her home. At around 3pm today she noticed her necklace missing from the jewelry box. Nothing else appears to be stolen from the home. This case is under investigation.

6:28PM: Officers were dispatched to an apartment on Clyde Street for reports of a past larceny. A woman reports a theft of jewelry from her bedroom. She had last worn the ring on 1/14 and discovered it missing on 1/20. It appears that nothing else was taken from the bedroom. Police are investigating.

7:49PM: Police responded to reports of a past animal bite. A woman was walking on Village Way when she approached a man with two medium-sized dogs on leashes. When the reporting party walked by, one of the dogs attempted to bite her back leg. The dog bite did not puncture the skin or injure the woman. The reporting party did not ask for the man’s information.

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