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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tuesday, February 5th

Package Thief Caught Consuming Cookies

8:09PM: There were reports of a suspicious person inside an unlocked vestibule on Beacon Street. When officers arrived they saw a woman, matching the caller’s description, sitting with three opened packages in her hands. She claimed that she did not live in the building but that the packages were hers. Because of recent package thefts, police checked the labels and confirmed that the items were not hers. The suspect told officers the packages were in fact hers because of the “diet she was on”. Two of the packages she opened contained consumable items such as tea and Girl Scout cookies. When officers located the woman, it appeared that some of the Girl Scout cookie boxes were opened and some of the cookies were missing. She later admitted to consuming the stolen cookies. The suspect was also found with numerous other stolen items including identification cards and credit cards. The suspect was arrested.

3:03AM: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for reports of a man shot with a BB gun. The reporting party stated that he was exiting a taxi when a red sedan driving erratically almost struck him. The man told officers that when he held up his middle finger the car halted, traveled in reverse, and then stopped to shoot the man with a BB gun several times. The car then sped southbound towards Harvard Street. Police are attempting to locate traffic surveillance cameras in the area.

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