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Monday, February 11, 2019

Friday, February 8th

11:21AM: Officers responded to reports of a past attempted theft from a mailbox. The reporting party stated that a few days ago he noticed the lid of the mailbox bent. When he asked his wife, she told him she noticed the condition roughly 2 weeks ago. The reporting party also recently noticed some fraudulent activity on his bank account. At this time it does not appear any mail was stolen from the mailbox. This case is being investigated.

11:46AM: Units were dispatched to the area of Harvard Street at Longwood Avenue for a report of a past shoplifter walking in the area. A month prior, the manager of a store noticed a man leave without paying for some items. She took a mental note of the man and his attire. On 2/6, she saw the man in the store again. When she checked the surveillance tapes, she noticed him steal several items. At approximately 11:50am, the manager saw the man again, in the same jacket, and called police. The suspect was positively identified and summons into court for shoplifting.

5:29PM: Officers were dispatched to a business on Beacon Street for reports of shoplifting. An employee notified his manager after recognizing a man who had previous incidents of suspicious activity in the establishment. The suspect entered the business with a paper bag and began placing items into the paper bag. He placed his jacket over the bag, and proceeded to checkout. He did not pay for any of the items in the paper bag. The reporting party stopped the suspect as he tried to flee and officers arrived on scene shortly after. The suspect was arrested for shoplifting.

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