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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Burglary Arrest Report

On February 7, 2019, two officers were advised by dispatch that a residential breaking and entering just occurred at Colbourne Crescent. The officers then advised Brookline Police Dispatch that multiple unmarked police units were following the suspect vehicle involved. The vehicle was described as a Silver Honda traveling on Jamaica Way at Brookline Ave. One of the officers requested a marked unit to start in the direction to assist the unmarked units.

Traveling on Washington Street in a marked unit, an officer let dispatchers know that she would respond to the call. As she was traveling on the Jamaica Way, traffic backed and became congested due to vehicles stopping at the red light at the intersection of Jamaica Way at Willow Pond Road. At this time four unmarked cruisers came from the direction of Byner Road and Willow Pond Road, and conducted a felony car stop. At this time the officer and a Boston Detective approached the operator of the suspect vehicle and advised the suspect to exit the vehicle.  The suspect exited the vehicle and they placed him in handcuffs without incident.

Prior to transportation to the station, officers searched the suspect. One officer located a red Buddah statue and a $20.00 bill in the suspects right front pants pocket. The other located many pieces of jewelry, a stack of US currency, and two keys in the man's left front pants pocket.  Due to the investigation involving a residential breaking and entering, all jewelry and US currency were placed in evidence bags and brought back to the Brookline Police Station and deemed as evidence.

The officers then inventoried all jewelry, the Buddha statue and US currency that was in the possession of the suspect.

The following is a list of inventoried items:

One Gold woman’s Rolex watch
One Diamond band
One Gold band
Two sets of Gold clip on earrings
One Gold bracelet, which included four attached charms. Three charms, one with scripture
One Gold thick bracelet
One Gold layered necklace
One Silver and Gold bracelet
One pair of 14 KT Gold earrings
One Gold, necklace with a blue opal pendant
One Gold necklace with a white pearl pendant
One Gold pendant with a white center pearl
One Gold, diamond bracelet
One Gold, triangle pendant
One Lady Mount Carmel pendant
One Gold square Pendant with a Jade center
One necklace with glasses attached
One Gold bracelet with a flower design
One 18 inch, Gold necklace
One Gold ring with a diamond in the center
One Gold ring with a purple pearl
One Gold flower ring
One Gold, crown shaped ring
One Gold ring with missing diamonds
One Gold Pendant with pink stones
One aventurine stone necklace
One Red, Buddha Statue

The total US currency that was located on the suspect was $886.75 US Dollars.

A breakdown of the US currency was:   
44 US $20 bills, totaling $880 US dollars 
27 US quarters, totaling $6.75 US dollars.

The officers present photographed all property and US currency that was taken for evidence. 

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