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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 9th

7:59 AM- A report of a break and entering was made on Arlington Rd.  An officer spoke with the victim and a neighbor.  The victim reported arriving home the previous night on 10/8/18 around 9:25 PM and noticing the side gate to the backyard was open.  The resident closed the door and continued into the front door by unlocking it.  Officers observed a bedroom window to be forced open, damage to the frame and items knocked over.  This case is under investigation.

6:30 PM- An officer was dispatched to Beacon Street for a bike theft report.  An officer spoke to the reporting party who stated she used a cable lock to secure her blue Schwinn bike to a parking sign behind Beacon St on Webster St sometime in the early afternoon on 10/4/18 or 10/5/18.  The reporting party was away for the weekend and attempted to retrieve the bike around 11:40 AM today but noticed the cable lock was cut and the bike was missing.  This case is being investigated.

8:00 PM- A report of a larceny was made on Edgehill Road.  The reporting party reported that in October of 2017 his family hired an individual to conduct housework three times a week for a few hours each day.  They have not had issues with the worker besides cancellations that have been addressed and stopped.  On 10/8/18 around 6:30 PM the reporting party put a large amount of money in a bank envelope and stowed it until dinner when the envelope was to be given to another individual.  The reporting party went to retrieve the envelope at 9:00 PM and found it was gone.  The only people in the home from the time the money was put away and the time it was found missing was the reporting party, his wife, kids, friend who was to receive the money, and the worker.  The family attempted to call and email the worker multiple times and received no response.  The worker also failed to show up for work the next day.  This case is under investigation.

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