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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tuesday, October 16th

5:11PM- Officers were dispatched to Hancock Road for a break and entering and larceny of property.  When officers arrived on scene they were met by two victims who reported upon their return from being away they found their home had been broken into.  Since 10/2/18 around 8:00AM their home had been unoccupied.  Officers determined after processing the scene that the lock of the front door had been broken and force was used to open the door.  An attempt to gain entry was made through two windows which displayed damage.  Three bedrooms were targeted having shown dresser drawers and shelves rummaged through and items strewn around the rooms.  This case is under investigation.

5:45PM- Officers responded to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident.  An officer spoke with the store manager who relayed that he observed the suspect placing items in their bag.  He confronted the suspect and requested they pay for the items they took.  The suspect then exited the store without paying.  The suspect then fled on foot northbound on Harvard Street.  The suspect was described as a black individual, possibly female, with long black hair, black facial hair appearing to have been shaved recently, wearing a black suit with red stripes, carrying a denim messenger bag and weighing about 150lbs.  The manager believed the individual was transgender.  A customer in the store approached officers and notified them that he witnessed the suspect run back into the store’s parking lot and entered a car of which he took a picture of and the license plate.  The vehicles description and license plate was broadcasted to responding units.  After, running the license plate officers found the car was owned by a rental company.  By contacting the company, the renters name was provided, which was a traditional female name.  The name yielded negative results for any matching individual or driver’s license.  An officer then searched the address on the license in which a person with a different first name and sex but same last name appeared also having the same date of birth.  This license showed a black male with long straight hair and black facial hair.  Officers believed that the person in the photo was possibly transgender.  The difference in sexes and name change describes a transitioning male and explains why the vehicle was rented to a female.  A photo array was compiled for the store manager.  The officers conducting the array had no knowledge of the appearance of the suspected individual.  The manager chose the suspect out of the array.  The suspect will be summonsed to court.

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