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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Monday, October 15th

12:30PM- Officers were dispatched to Brookline Place for a report of a larceny.  An officer was met by the company manager who stated in the past few weeks employees in the office had reported items missing including money.  He had spoken with employees of other offices in the building who stated the same things had been occurring there.  This case is under investigation.

3:30PM- A report of a package theft was made on Hamilton Road.  The reporting party reported to an officer that she ordered an item.  The item had a tracking number and was delivered at approximately 1:00PM on 10/5/18.  She returned home at 6:00PM and the package was not there.  This case is being investigated.

5:33PM- A malicious damage report was made on Parkman Street.  An officer spoke with the complainant who stated he parked his vehicle in the rear of an apartment complex on Parkman Street on 10/13/18 at 2:00AM.  When he returned to his vehicle on 10/15/18 he noticed the passenger side door had been keyed.  An officer observed the scratch to be a deliberate marking made with a key.  This case is under investigation.

10:19PM- A call was received from Greenough Street for a report of a break and entering.  The home owners relayed to officers that they were out of town since 10/11/18.  When they arrived home they noticed dresser drawers in the bedroom opened and contents strewn about.  They immediately exited the house and called police.  Officers arrived and noticed a window was forced open and the lock was broken.  Drawers were open, bags were gone through and items were scattered on the floor.  This case is being investigated.

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