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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wednesday, August 22nd

10:17 AM- An officer was dispatched to Pleasant Street for a larceny report.  The caller told the officer a package she ordered had been stolen from inside the foyer area of the residence she lives in.  She had been notified by the delivery service that her package had been delivered on 8/17/18.  The delay in reporting the incident was due to the residents actions of ensuring that her neighbors had not taken the package.  This case is being investigated. 

3:01 PM- Several units were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  The suspect was said to have just exited the store.  The suspect was described to officers on scene.  They were also informed that the individual left through the rear entrance of the store.  An employee explained the direction of the flight of the suspect.  The detail officer relayed that he witnessed the suspect board a specific bus and provided fellow officers with the bus number and the direction the bus was heading in which was southbound on Harvard Street.  Officers located the bus and stopped it at Vernon Street.  Based on the suspect’s description the suspect was located on the bus.  She exited the bus and was advised of her Miranda Rights by a detective.  She admitted to the officers on scene that before boarding the bus she had stolen several items from inside the store that called in the complaint.  She listed the items as well.  She also told officers she has a criminal record.  The reporting party identified the suspect as the person he observed taking items from the store. 

8:05 PM- A report on a break and entering was made on Winchester Street.  The reporting party stated that he left the residence where he lives around noon and returned around 3:30 PM.  Upon his return he noticed a screen to a basement window had been removed and placed against the A.C unit.  The window tampered with was closed but unlocked.  The officer observed that it appeared a pry tool had been used to dislodge the screen.  The reporting party also noticed a chair was placed in a location he had not left it.  He didn’t think much about the situation until he saw another resident return around 7:45.  He questioned her about the window of which she said she had no involvement in.  When she entered her apartment she noticed her room had been rummaged through and items had been opened and or taken from different locations throughout her room.  When her roommate returned home she also noticed items had been taken from her room.  This case is under investigation.

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