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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Monday, April 30th


On 11:00 AM, an officer was dispatched to Harvard St for a report of a package theft. The victim stated that he had been out of town last week and received confirmation that his package was delivered. Upon returning home, he noticed that his package had been opened and the contents, a pair of sneakers, removed from the box. This incident is being investigated.

At approximately 5:30 PM, an officer responded to Harvard St. for another reported package theft. The victim reported being on vacation, returning this past Sunday. Upon returning home, she found her package that had been delivered to the front vestibule of the building, opened with the contents stolen. There is no known security of the property at this time. The shipping box had been discarded by the victim prior to the officer's arrival.

Around 10:30 PM, a package theft was reported on Marion St. The responding officer spoke with the victim who stated that a package was delivered to her residence Upon returning home, she noticed a package addressed to her, ripped open, with the contents she ordered from the box missing. Within the ripped-box, there was 1 item that the victim did not order, although the package had been addressed to her.

While responding to the package theft noted above, the officer had observed another package, ripped opened, with the contents missing. The package was addressed to another Marion St. resident. The officer met with the victim of the ripped-open package they found. The victim stated that she had received confirmation that her package had been delivered. The officer returned the item belonging to the victim that had been located within the first Marion St. victim’s opened package. Both of these Marion St. packages were located behind a secured door within the building. Brookline PD is continuing their investigation into the many package thefts that occurred overnight.

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