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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Multi-Vitamin Arrestee charged with Multiple Offenses


On Sunday, officers were dispatched to the area of Washington St and River Rd for a report of a plastic shopping bag containing live ammunition inside of it. Once arriving on scene, officers located a partially torn plastic shopping bag, with what appeared to be loose 22. caliber unspent ammunition rounds, located near the bag on the ground. The loose ammunition rounds found on the ground and the ammunition within the plastic bag were taken back to Brookline Police Headquarters. In total, thirty two .22 caliber unspent ammunition rounds were recovered.

Around 1:45PM, officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Ave for a reported shoplifting in process. The person in question was observed putting some items inside of his jacket. Officers placed the man under arrest for Shoplifting, in addition to Giving a False Name to a Police Officer Following Arrest. The arrestee made bail and made his way back to the store again around 5:30PM, where Brookline units responded again. The manager was positive it was the same suspect in that shoplifting incident. A warrant for the subject's arrest has been requested for this subsequent shoplifting offense.

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