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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

3/21 and 3/22


An officer was dispatched to Harvard St on Wednesday for a reported shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the reporting party who witnessed a man concealing three shirts then leaving the store without paying. A 33 year old Boston resident was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Wednesday night, an officer assigned to the front desk was met by a victim who stated her license plates had been stolen from her vehicle on Tappan St. Police are investigating.

A robbery occurred Wednesday night on Heath St, involving 3 suspects. Police are continuing with their investigation.


Around 9 AM on Thursday, an officer was dispatched to Beacon St for a report of a larceny that had occurred at a commercial property. The victim stated that a male came into the business, complaining of a migraine and leaning over the counter within the lobby. A few moments later, the victim noticed some of her personal belongings missing and the male subject was no longer in the store. The case is active at this time.

At approximately 6:30 PM, an officer was dispatched to Linden Pl for an IRS scam report. The victim stated that she had returned a missed call from an individual claiming to be from the IRS, informing her that she owed back taxes and that there were four warrants issued for her arrest. The individual claiming to be affiliated with the IRS set up a payment plan, using gift cards as the method of paying the balance. A request has been made for a follow-up as police are investigating this case.

The following tips provided by the IRS website can help you avoid becoming a victim of IRS scams.

Please note, the IRS will not

  • Call, requesting or demanding immediate payments and will not call if you do owe taxes, without first mailing a bill to your residence
  • Demand payment and deny you to question or appeal the amount due
  • Require payment of your taxes by a certain method, like gift cards
  • Ask for bank account information, like debit or credit card numbers, over the phone
  • Make threats that other authorities/agencies will become involved (police, etc.), resulting in arrest, if your payment is not made

If you receive a call and do not or have no reason to believe that you owe taxes, do not give out any personal information and immediately hang up. Contact TIGTA to report the scam via their "IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting" page.

Additionally, report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission using the "FTC Complaint Assistant" on their website.

For more information about IRS Scams, visit the link below:


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