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Friday, September 22, 2017



An officer was dispatched to lower Beacon Street to take a report of larceny of a bicycle. The reporting person stated that he parked his vehicle, with his bike unlocked, but secured to the roof of his car. He went into a store and a short time later he returned to his vehicle and noticed the bike to be missing from the top of his vehicle. The bike is described a black and orange Pivot brand bike valued at $8000. 

5:50 PM
An officer was dispatched to a business on Beacon Street to take a report of larceny from a building.  The reporting party stated that she left her cell phone in plain view near her storefront window. She left the phone unattended and when she returned to retrieve it a short time later it was missing. The reporting party believes a male who came into the store to ask a question may have stolen the phone. The suspicious male was described as a white man, 25-30 years of age, dirty blonde hair, black jeans and a dark colored t-shirt.

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