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Thursday, July 13, 2017



10:16 a.m.: A Meter Collector turned in a credit card he and his partner found inside a meter while working on Station Street. The card was placed into evidence for safekeeping.

12:25 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to the area of Atherton Road for suspicious activity. Officers came in contact with the suspect who had been seen attempting to enter various residences on Winchester Street, checking if doors were open, and looking into a vehicle. Detectives processed the doors, vehicle, and the surrounding area for fingerprints. During the process, an area of a screen door was found to have had a piece cut out of it, so one could open the door from the outside. Officers spoke with the suspect and he was placed under arrest for Trespassing and Attempted Breaking & Entering.

1:08 p.m.: While stopped for a red signal on Harvard Street an officer observed a yellow scooter pass him on his right side. The operator was not wearing a helmet and as the officer continued on Harvard Street he observed the scooter cut in and out of traffic multiple times. She also continued straight in a left turn only lane. The officer made multiple attempts to conduct a traffic stop, but the scooter failed to stop. Officers later located her crossing over Aspinwall Avenue to continue on Harvard Street and observed her disregard a red light to turn east onto Beacon Street. At the intersection of Hawes and Beacon Street, the subject was able to be placed into custody without further incident. She was placed under arrest and issued citations for refusing to stop for a police officer, helmet law violation, disturbing the peace, and operating to endanger.

7:18 p.m.: An officer responded to Park Vale for a motor vehicle blocking. Residents in the area stated that a Washington Street resident was parking in the middle of the parking lot perpendicular to the marked spots, raising the concern of whether emergency vehicles can gain access to buildings at the end of the private way. The Brookline Fire Department was contacted to assess the accessibility of the private way and did not indicate the vehicle was causing an obstruction. When the owners of the parked vehicle returned, they were advised that they should be mindful of the space they provide for emergency vehicles. The reporting party was advised to call in the future if he believed vehicles were obstructing access to the way.

10:58 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to an address on Boylston Street to assist the Somerville Police Department with an arrest. Officers observed an individual that matched the subject’s description riding a bicycle; however, it was found that he was not the subject. He placed the bicycle on the porch of the residence and continued to speak with officers, but would not allow them to enter the home. An officer used the serial number of the bicycle to discover it had been reported stolen. The individual was informed he would be summonsed to court for Receiving Stolen Property. The bicycle was confiscated.

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