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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


On April 3, 2017, Officers responded to an address on Egmont St. for a report of a past larceny of a scooter. The victim reports parking the scooter in his friend’s parking spot in front of a motor vehicle in a private lot on Egmont St. He stated he had checked on it periodically throughout the weekend but noticed it was gone as of this morning.  A check with local Tow companies revealed they had not removed it. A Stolen Recovered Motor Vehicle Report form has been submitted.

On 04/03/2017, Officers responded to Cypress and Wellington St for a report of a delivery truck that hit a town tree. Officers observed  flat bed truck in the driveway of Wellington Ter.) with damage to the Upper right front corner area along the side and the roof area of the truck. It appeared that the truck struck a branch of a tree on Cypress St. The tree appeared to have minor damage to the bark.
On April 3, 2017, I, Officers responded to an address on Beacon St. for a report of a past B&E of a motor vehicle. The victim reports that someone had been inside of their vehicle. Victim reports change had been taken.

On 4/03/2017, Officers served a Brookline District Court Warrant of Apprehension for a subject out of Washington St. The warrant was served without incident.

On 04/03/17 Officers responded to the front desk of the Police Station on a report of identity theft.  The victim reports receiving a form letter from the United States Postal Service (Worcester facility) regarding a change of address request form that had been received.  The form stated that if the change was not requested to contact the United States Postal Service.  The victim notified the Postal Service. The post office, however, had forwarded their mail to an address in Ohio.  The Postal Service informed the victim they would be conducting an investigation. The victim performed a credit check online and found that two accounts had been fraudulently opened.

On Monday 4/3/2017 Officers responded to a business on Commonwealth Ave,  for reports of a larceny. The victim reports that his credit cards and his passport had been taken.  Video footage has been requested and the case will be followed up by Brookline Detectives.

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