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Monday, January 23, 2017

Blog for 1/19-1/22

On 1/19/2017 an officer was dispatched to Brookline Avenue for a report of a suspicious person. Reporting party stated that one of his employees was followed by a Black male, about 5'9", 215 lbs, with a scruffy beard and black trench coat. The officer was unable to locate anyone fitting the description. The employee stated that this was on ongoing issue for about a month with this particular individual. The reporting party stated that several of his female employees have stated that this particular male had tried to follow them into the building from the side door. This male had also on one occasion come into the lobby without a dog just to loiter. He has been seen walking along Pearl St. They were advised to call the police if/when they see this individual again.

On 1/19/17 an officer found a black bicycle leaning up against a sign pole in the front of the police station. The bicycle is located in an evidence locker in the police station.

On 1/21/17 officers were dispatched to Colbourne Crescent for a report of a group of teenagers possibly setting a fire. The reporting party stated that they saw a group of young men set fire to a book then throw it on the ground outside on Colbourne Crescent.  Officers found the book on the street still smoldering from being lit on fire. Video footage of the teens was shown to the officers. The reporting party emailed the video evidence to the officers and the book lit on fire has been placed into an evidence locker.

On 01/22/2017 an officer arrived on Commonwealth Ave for a report of larceny. The victim stated that he arrived at the location and left his belongings in a locker with a combination lock in the locker room. He later returned to his locker and noticed that lock was no longer on the locker and his wallet and car keys were gone. The manager of the facility stated that there was only one unregistered guest that entered the facility during the time frame and that he immediately left the facility after using restroom not in the locker room.

On 1/22/2017 an officer at the front desk was approached by a victim reporting a past larceny of a bicycle on John St. The victim stated that he left his bicycle unlocked in the back hallway of his building on 1/21/17 and noticed it was gone later that day. It should be noted that this is a communal area; however the victim stated that the door that leads to this backroom is supposed to be locked. The bicycle is black with orange trim.

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