Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/27/2016 to 5/30/2016

11:40pm: Officers responded to a business on Commonwealth Ave. A store manager confronted a male suspect for possibly attempting to shoplift. The suspect then hit the clerk in the hand and knocked over a Lottery machine before exiting the store. This is under investigation.

2:54am: A man was arrested for Operating Under the Influence at the intersection of Beacon and Winchester.

3:40pm: A packaged theft was reported on Babcock Street. The box was delivered earlier in the month and was found open with its contents missing.

5:47pm: A shoplifting call came in from Harvard Street. A suspect took electronics from the store before exiting. A description of the suspect was noted and this is under investigation.

3:55am: An assault/attempted robbery was reported on South Street. The victim managed to fend off two suspects, who fled. This is an active case.

6:22am: Attempted Breaking & Entering of a Motor Vehicle was reported on Aspinwall Ave. A victim noticed the suspect attempting to gain entry into the vehicle. The suspect was unsuccessful and fled. Nothing was taken. This is under investigation.

9:52am: A package theft was reported from Beacon Street. The package was delivered this weekend according to the delivery company, but the caller had not received it.

4:41am: A Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle was reported on Grove Street. The glove compartment was found open and items were missing. This is believed to have occurred the previous evening.

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