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Friday, June 3, 2016

Recent Car Breaks

Last night at approximately 3:30am, a resident witnessed the breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Clyde Street. The suspect fled on a bike, and officers located him a short time later. The suspect refused to stop but was later stopped and detained after initially resisting arrest.

Officers found multiple stolen items on the suspect’s person, including items that may be linked to other car breaks in the area. The suspect is currently being charged with B&E of a Motor Vehicle, Larceny, Receiving Stolen Property, and Resisting Arrest.

If your car was broken into or you are missing property, Brookline Police is still holding unclaimed stolen property recovered in this case. Particular areas of concern for where we believe these items were taken from are in South Brookline, including Meadowbrook Rd, Dale St, Clyde St, and Newton St. If you believe your property was stolen, please call our non-emergency line at (617) 730-2222. 

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