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Thursday, September 3, 2015


On September 2nd, officers were on patrol on Harvard Street when they observed a vehicle make an illegal “U-Turn”. Officers pulled the vehicle over, when asking for the driver’s license and registration it was determined that the driver was the registered owner of the vehicle but did not have a license. Officers dispatched in the information about the driver and the vehicle and it was revealed that the driver had a suspended license. Officers informed the driver they would be placing her under arrest for operating a motor vehicle after suspension. The officers arrested the driver without incident.

On September 2nd, officers where conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Essex Street. When they observed a vehicle traveling at what officers believed to be a high rate of speed. Officers ran a query of the vehicle and the vehicles registered owner had a warrant out. Officers pulled the vehicle over and it was identified that the driver was indeed the registered owner. Officers placed the driver under arrest without incident for the warrant.

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