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Friday, July 17, 2015


July 14th Blog

On July 14th, officers were dispatched to a local business on Beacon Street for a report of a shoplifter exiting a store. The reporting person stated a young black male, wearing a white shirt, and sweat pants exited the store riding a bicycle on Harvard St. towards Brookline Village. Within several minutes, officers located and stopped a man matching the description of the subject riding a bicycle towards Brookline Village. The officers proceeded to asked where the man had been and the subject stated he had been shopping at the same business he was reporting shoplifting from. After further questioning, the man admitted to stealing a cellphone charger and case.  The officers on scene conducted a query of the subject, which revealed he also had two outstanding warrants. The subject has been placed under arrest.

On July 14th, officers were dispatched to the Coolidge Corner area following a report of shoplifting liquor at a local grocery store.  An individual matching the description of a man was found at the Coolidge Corner MBTA trolley station.  The officers approached the individual and could clearly see the stolen liquor in a bag sitting next to the man. A store employee that witnessed the shoplifting confirmed the identity of the individual. The subject was placed under arrest.

July 15th Blog

On July 15th officers responded to a report of a suspicious person on Beacon Street. Witnesses stated seeing an individual looking through of numerous vehicles. Witnesses described the individual and police searched the area to try and locate him for questioning. When the individual was located he gave officers contradicting answers as to his reasoning for being in the area. When the officers ran his name through the database they discovered the individual had two warrants in other areas. The individual was arrested.

On July 15th officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a shoplifting incident. The store owner described witnessing the suspect walk into the store go to the back and take a bottle of wine and proceeded to walk out the store without paying for it. The store owner tried talking to her but she ran off and got into the passenger side of a car and drove off. This matter is still under investigation.

On July 15th officers were dispatched to Babcock Street responding to a report of a stolen bicycle at a home. The victim reported that the bike was leaning against the fence yesterday but today she noticed the bike missing. The victim has video surveillance of the house and provided a zip drive of video of when a possible suspect entered the property.

On July 15th officers were dispatched to Chapel Street for a report of a simple assault. Victim stated he was riding his bicycle when 3 individuals attacked him and pulled him to the ground and began punching him. The victim did not have a description of the suspects.  This matter is under investigation.

July 16th blog

On July 16th officers were dispatched to Fairbanks Street for a report of a breaking and entering. Victim reported returning to her house to find it had been rummaged through. Many personal items were stolen . This matter is still under investigation.

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