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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


On July 7th an officer was in the area of Commonwealth Avenue, when an individual on a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed drove passed the officer. The officer activated his police lights to try and pull over the individual but the motorcyclist continued traveling. Eventually the person pulled over and the officer conducted a frisk and search of the individual and the motorcycle and found marijuana paraphernalia. The individual was placed under arrest.

On July 8th Officers responded to an unknown disturbance at a residence in the area of High Street. Upon arrival officers encountered a man holding a trash barrel. The man motioned to throw the trash barrel at the officers but the officers subdued the man and placed him under arrest. Witness’s state after watching the man consume what they believed to be was alcohol he attempted to gain unwarranted entry to the residence.

On July 9th officers responded to a report of tires stolen from a motor vehicle in the area of Harvard Avenue. The victim has a parking spot behind a building and after returning home from work the victim noticed there tires missing. The victim found her car on four milk crates. This matter is still under investigation.

On July 9th an officer pulled over a vehicle as it did not have a valid inspection sticker. The officer explained to the driver of the vehicle the reason for the stop and the individual explained they knew it was expired; the officer also noticed the individual was not wearing a seat belt. The officer ran the individuals name in the database and it was determined that the driver and the owner of the car both had suspended and or revoked licenses. After noticing evidence of possible drug use the officer asked the driver if he had any drugs on themselves. The individual stated he had a drug problem and explained he had some in his jean pockets. The officer conducted a search of his person and found the drugs and also found illegal knifes on the person as well. The individual was placed under arrest.

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