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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


June 30, 2014

On June 30, an individual came to the Brookline Police station to report fraudulent charges that occurred between June 21 and June 22. The credit card company was notified of these charges and the card was canceled. The matter is under investigation.

On June 30, an officer was dispatched to Longwood Ave for a report of fraud. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a woman who stated she was contacted by the IRS who stated she owed money. The woman gave no information and ended the call. The matter is under investigation. Please be aware that this is a common fraud. Please never give out personal information over the phone.

On June 30, an officer responded to Tappan St for a report of breaking and entering. The officer spoke with two employees, one who stated he locked the building on June 27. Upon arrival June 30, he noticed a door and a window were open in the building. The matter is under investigation.

On June 30, an officer was dispatched to Winthrop Rd to respond to a stolen bike report. The individual stated that he locked the bike to the fence in front of his home the night before. A few hours later, the individual noticed the bike was missing.  

On June 30, an officer spoke with an individual who stated that property of his went missing while working on Tappan St. While the individual was working, he left his items next to a tree and upon arrival he could not find them. The matter is under investigation. 

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