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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Police Reports 6/27/14 through 6/29/2014

On June 26, an officer responded to Jamaica Rd where two vehicles were reported broken into the night before. The individual reports that he left his vehicle unlocked the night of June 25. The next morning, he noticed small things were missing. As a reminder, please make sure you lock your car doors.  
On June 26, an officer conducting general patrol observed a vehicle proceed straight from the left turn lane along Harvard St. The officer conducted a motor vehicle stop and asked the driver for his license and registration. The driver did not have a license and it was expired.  The driver was then placed under arrest.
On June 26, an officer was dispatched to Centre St for breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The officer spoke with the owner of the vehicle who said he parked his car in the spot on Monday June 23 and returned to his vehicle Thursday morning. He then noticed his rear window was smashed, but noticed nothing was taken from the vehicle.

On June 26, officers responded to a call for breaking and entering on Cypress St. The resident reported coming home to a man inside of her home. The suspect then jumped out of the window and ran onto Cypress St. Information obtained at the scene lead officers to an arrest of a subject on June 28.
On June 27, an officer responded to Milton Rd regarding a report of a man throwing beer cans at houses. The individual reports that the male threw beer cans at his home and at him while he was looking out his window. Two beer cans were found on a front walkway of one home and another identical beer can was found at another address across the street. The male was picked up at the police station and summons to Brookline District Court. 

On June 27, an officer responded to Beacon St regarding a residents missing piece of property. The woman reports placing a package in front of her unit on June 21 that contained an item that would be sent back to the sender. Later in the evening, the woman noticed the package was missing. The matter is under investigation.

On June 28, an officer responded to Penniman Rd to investigate a report of a door that was left open. Officers met with the resident’s housekeeper, who stated she came through the back door with a key and found the front door and basement door was left open. The housekeeper reported several rooms were ransacked. The matter is under investigation.

On June 29, officers responded to Washington St and Beacon St regarding a person who was asleep in a stationary vehicle. Officers approached the vehicle to find a female asleep with her foot on the break while the car was running. The officers spoke with a witness about what they observed. Based upon witness statements and the officer’s observations, the driver was arrested and her license was suspended.
On June 29, an officer responded to Harvard St regarding a report for shoplifting. Upon arrival, the woman ran towards the exit of the store and the officer stopped her. The officer observed a bag full of items from the store and security identified her as the woman who was shoplifting.  An employee stated that before the police arrived, the woman also threatened her with a box cutter when she attempted to leave the store. The woman was placed under arrest.

On June 29, an officer responded to Harvard St regarding a shoplifter that was in custody. Loss Prevention observed the individual put items in her bag. They approached the individual once she left the store asking to her to return to the store. The individual cooperated and stolen items were found in her bag. Upon the officer’s arrival, the individual started to yell and became very uncooperative. She was placed under arrest for shoplifting.

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