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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2/14/2014 through 2/17/2014

Police Reports 2/14/2014 through 2/17/2014

On February 14, an officer observed a vehicle travelling on Beacon St. stop in the left lane and block the flow of traffic. The officer conducted a motor vehicle stop. During the stop, the officer observed the driver’s speech to be slurred, eyes glassy and bloodshot, and an odor of alcohol. The driver was found to have a suspended license and was placed under arrest for operating while intoxicated. The driver was charged with operating under the influence of liquor, operating a motor vehicle after license suspension, and impeding the free flow of traffic.

On February 14, an officer was dispatched to a restaurant on Cypress St. for a report of breaking and entering. The owner reported that when an employee had entered the business that morning they had discovered the rear door open and cash missing from the register. The matter is currently under investigation.

On February 14, officers observed a vehicle travelling on Harvard St. drive straight in a marked right turn only travel lane. The officers conducted a traffic stop and found the driver to have a revoked license and two active warrants. The driver was placed under arrest for operating after revocation, marked lanes violation, and default warrants.

On 2/15/14 a student at Pine Manor College wanted to report his Nintendo 3DS XL; Pokemon X+Y Limited Edition missing, he last saw it on 2/4/14 at approximately 2345 hours. He was playing with it and left it on a couch in the common area.  A report was filed with Campus Security as well.

On 2/15/14 Officers responded to a store on Harvard St. for a report of 2 adult shoplifters without identification.  Upon arrival, Officers spoke with the loss prevention officer for the store, while a male subject and female subject sat in the office. The female was observed removing a price tag from a belt then handing it to the male, where the male attached the belt around his waist. The male then took a second belt and attached it around his waist, with both belts secured, the male then placed his shirt overtop the belts and followed the female out of the store without paying for the items. It was discovered that the subjects had taken several other items as well. After speaking with the subjects it was apparent that both the male subject and female subject were willfully misleading Officers from obtaining their proper identifying information during the course of our investigation, at which point they were handcuffed and placed under arrest for the following charges: M.G.L.c.266/30A LARCENY UNDER $250.00 (SHOPLIFTING)M.G.L.c.268/13B INTERFERENCE & OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

On 2/15/14 Brookline Police received a call regarding an Apple iPhone 5 that was stolen out of the Brookhouse laundry room. The caller was in the laundry room at approximately 8:30AM and had his phone. He returned to his apartment shortly after, and at approximately 9:45AM he realized he did not have his phone. He returned to the laundry, but was unable to locate the phone. The owner was able to track the phone to a Stop & Shop located at 99 Charles St in Malden. The phone was turned into the Stop and Shop and our Detectives will conduct a follow-up.

On 02/16/14 a Brookline Officer was conducting traffic enforcement on Allendale Rd. when he observed a vehicle that appeared to be travelling in excess of the posted 30 MPH. Using the Radar gun, the Officer confirmed that the vehicles speed was 47 MPH.  A traffic stop was conducted and it was found that the operator’s right to operate was suspended.  She was placed under arrest.

On February 17, officers responded to a residential complex on University Rd. for a glass break. Officers observed a broken window in the back hallway of the second floor and broken glass on the sill and outside the window, on the roof. There were footprints in the snow on the roof that lead from the window down the fire escape. Officers stopped and apprehended a male located on the steps of a neighboring building. The man was placed under arrest for malicious damage of property.

On February 17, an officer observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed on Hammond Pond Parkway. The officer initiated a traffic stop and found that the driver had a default warrant in effect. The driver was placed under arrest for the active warrant and cited for speeding.

From 2/13/2014 to 2/17/2014, six arrests were made as part of an ongoing investigation into sexual misconduct. Three of these arrests came from an investigation into the exchange of sex for drugs and three came from an investigation into sexual predators.

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