Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Police Reports 2/18/2014

On February 18, an officer observed a vehicle on West Roxbury Parkway travel at a high rate of speed. The vehicle moved into the right lane to pass another car and almost hit a jogger, swerving back into the left lane and causing the other car to slam on their brakes to avoid being hit. The officer initiated a traffic stop and a license check showed that the driver only had a permit to operate in Massachusetts. The driver was placed under arrest for not being duly licensed as well as cited for unsafe lane change and speeding. The owner of the car was mailed a citation for allowing an unlicensed person to operate a motor vehicle.

On February 18, an officer was dispatched to the area of Boylston and Sumner Rd. for a check of well-being of a male party. The officer observed the man attempting to hitchhike on Boylston St. The officer informed the man that hitchhiking is illegal and had dispatch run an inquiry of the man. The search showed that the man had an active arrest warrant and he was placed under arrest.

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