Friday, January 10, 2014


Police Reports 1/9/2014

On January 9 around 12:10am, a vehicle was spotted traveling on Washington St. without its headlights on. An officer initiated a traffic stop and was able to identify the operator by her passport as she lacked her driver’s license and the car’s registration. It was found that the operator’s license had been suspended. She will be summoned to court for operating after license suspension, failure to display headlights after sunset, and no registration in possession.

On January 9 at 2:22am, a minivan was seen traveling on Washington St. towards Brookline Ave. without its headlights on. An officer initiated a traffic stop and discovered the driver to be operating after license suspension. The driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license and failing to display headlights after sunset.

On January 9, an SUV was seen driving on Harvard St. with an expired inspection sticker. A traffic stop was conducted and the officer found the driver to be operating after suspension of his license. The driver was taken into custody.

On January 9, a man made a larceny report from a building on Summit Ave. Between January 7 and the morning of January 9, a yellow raincoat and a print of the word BOSTON with the city skyline had been stolen from the office.

On January 9, a vehicle was observed making an illegal right turn on a red traffic light onto John St. A traffic stop was initiated and the operator was found to be driving with an expired license. The driver was cited and will be summoned to court.

On January 9, a woman reported receiving calls from a man with an Indian accent stating he was from Windows IT. Each time he was asked who he was, the man hung up. The woman reported receiving similar calls in the past and that when she refused to give her credit card information, her computer was shut down.

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