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Monday, January 13, 2014

Police Reports 1/10/2014 through 1/12/2014

Police Reports 1/10/14-1/12/14

In the early hours of January 10, an officer observed a vehicle speeding on Boylston St. and initiated a traffic stop. Upon discovering that the operator’s license was suspended, the driver was taken into custody.

On January 10, a van was observed travelling through a stop sign at the intersection of Freeman and Babcock streets. An officer conducted a motor vehicle stop and discovered the operator’s license to have been expired for several years. The driver was taken into custody and cited for failure to stop and operating without a license.

On January 10, a man came to the Brookline Police Department to report a case of fraud. Two weeks prior, the man had found a listing on Craigslist for a personal assistant and was hired by an unknown party over the phone. The man was mailed a check and told to deposit it into his personal account. He was then instructed to withdraw money for a donation to an unknown person and go to Walmart to purchase 2 MoneyPak cards and pass along the pins on the back to the unknown party. The man was sent another check which he tried to deposit and which caused him to learn that the first check had not been valid. The man was unsuccessful in reaching the unknown party and realized he had been the victim of a scam.

On January 10, officers were dispatched to a business on Harvard St. for a report of shoplifting. The reporting party told officers that he had attempted to stop the suspect as he left through the rear door and that the suspect had placed the items on the ground inside the store before leaving. The reporting party informed the officers of the suspect’s current location and they placed him under arrest for shoplifting. During the inventory search, officers found heroin on the suspect and also charged him with possession of a Class A drug.

On January 11, an officer traveling on Boylston St. observed a vehicle speeding and conducted a traffic stop. Upon speaking to the operator, the officer observed that the driver had glassy and bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and there was a strong odor of alcohol. The driver handed over the vehicle registration and a Mass identification card. After looking up the driver, the officer found him to be driving with a revoked license and having a warrant for possession of burglarious instrument and larceny. The driver was placed under arrest for operating under the influence of alcohol.

On January 11, a vehicle was observed repeatedly crossing the double yellow lines on Chestnut Hill Ave. and was pulled over. Upon arrival at the vehicle, the officer observed the operator as having bloodshot and glassy eyes and an odor of alcohol. The driver was taken into custody for operating under the influence of alcohol.

On January 11, officers responded to a restaurant on Beacon St. where an alarm was going off. Officers discovered that one of the front windows had been smashed and a brick was lying inside. Officers were unable to contact the business owner.

On January 11, a man reported that his jacket, phone, wallet, and keys had been stolen. The man stated that his possessions had been taken when he had left them on a fence while running up and down Summit Ave.

On January 11, a woman reported that her handicap placard was taken from her car while it was parked at the Centre St. parking lot.

On January 11, an officer was dispatched to the Panera Bread on Harvard St. for a report of larceny. The reporting party told the officer that he had placed his bag over the back of a chair before joining the line by the counter. Upon return to the table a few minutes later, the bag was gone. The messenger bag contained a laptop and iPad as well as some paperwork.

On January 12, an officer observed a vehicle speeding on Harvard St. and failing to stop at a red light. The officer conducted a traffic stop. Once the officer approached the vehicle and the driver rolled down their window, a strong odor of marijuana was detected. A search of the vehicle yielded a large bag of marijuana and the driver was placed under arrest for speeding, red light violation, operating to endanger, school zone violation, and possession of a Class D with intent to distribute.

On January 12, an officer observed a vehicle on Beacon St. make an illegal left turn onto Washington St. The officer initiated a traffic stop and discovered that the driver was operating with a suspended license and the driver was placed under arrest.

On January 12, officers arrived on Beacon St. for suspicious activity. The investigation led to arrests for possession of heroin, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and prostitution.

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