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Friday, December 14, 2012

Police Reports 12/13

Assault: 12/13 at 1:15pm – Williams St
Detective observed a suspicious suspect walking by several vehicles and glancing inside the interior. Detective later observed the suspect walking from the rear parking lot of a private property. Upon questioning, the suspect became argumentive and displayed a silver pry tool. Suspect was placed under arrest and charged with Assault with Dangerous Weapons.

Larceny: 12/14 at 2:34am – Carlton St/Beacon St
Officers responded to a report for a dispute involving a taxi driver and a passenger. The taxi driver stated that the passenger, who appeared to be intoxicated, was yelling obscenities, being aggressive and combative. He stated that the passenger struck the left side of his face and kicked the taxi vehicle. The passenger then grabbed a duffel bag from the front passenger seat and emptied out its contents. The passenger will be charged with Assault & Battery, Disorderly Person, Malicious Damage Wanton, and Cab Fare Evasion.

Larceny: 12/05 at 6:00pm – Beals St
Victim reported that his unlocked bicycle was stolen from the gated backyard of his residence. Victim then stated that he saw a posting on the internet of a male suspect who was selling the victim’s bicycle.

Burglary: 12/13 at 2:30pm – St Paul St
Victim reported that someone broke into her residence and stole several items. Victim stated that she locked the door but not the dead bolt. Officer observed small pry marks on the side of the door jam. Scene was processed by detectives.

Fire Building: 12/13 at 1:10pm – Winchester St
Brookline received a call for a fire in the 34 Winchester apartments. Residents were evacuated and the flames were extinguished. Brookline Fire investigated that a contractor was putting up sheet rocks when he hit a wire. The contractor stated that the apartment lost power and he noticed fire on the inner wall wires.

Operating After Suspension: 12/14 at 12:06am – Washington St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling with a rejected state-issued inspection sticker. A query check revealed that the operator had a suspended license status. Operator will be charged with unregistered motor vehicle and suspended registration

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