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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Police Reports 12/10

VehicleFire : 12/10 at 5:22pm – Boylston St/Lee St
Brookline Police and Fire responded to a report of a car engulfed in flames. Driver of the vehicle stated that as she was proceeding, the vehicle kept slowing down until it was just about at a full stop. As she exited the vehicle with her two grandchildren, the entire engine compartment erupted in flames.

Attempted Larceny: 12/10 at 9:39pm – Linden Pl
Witness reported that he observed a male suspect messing with the nativity scene in front of a church. Suspect will be charged for Attempted Larceny.

Burglary Attempt: 12/10 at 9:45pm – Perry St
Resident reported a call for a male suspect trying to enter residential doors in the neighborhood. Resident stated that they observed the suspect heavily intoxicated and attempting to open apartment doors. Suspect was placed under arrest and charged with Attempted B&E Nighttime.

Burglary: 12/10 at 6:42pm – Salisbury Rd
Officers responded to a report of a residential alarm that went off. Upon arrival, officers observed several windows damaged and broken. Boston PD’s K9 unit was called to secure the scene from possible suspects inside the home.

ID Fraud: 12/10 at 4:11pm – Washington St
Victim reported that on several separate events, he was stopped by various authorities because they believed that the victim had an active arrest warrant. Officers discovered that a suspect was using the victim’s information to identify himself. The active arrest warrant was issued for the suspect.

Suspicious Person: 12/10 at 6:11pm – Colbourne Cres
Caller reported that a male suspect rang her doorbell, asked if she was busy and then walked away. Suspect is described as a black male in his 30s with short hair, approximately 5'10" wearing a green hooded sweatshirt or sweater.

Possession Marijuana: 12/10 at 2:37pm – Greenough St
Caller reported that a student was found to be in possession of marijuana. Caller stated that there was a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the student’s bag and later discovered marijuana concealed inside an unlabeled prescription bottle. Student will be cited for Possession of Less than one ounce of Marijuana.

Larceny/Shoplifting: 12/10 at 12:59pm - Washington Street
A manager of a store reported that he observed a female suspect place items in her front pocket. Upon approach, the female suspect handed the items to the manager and exited the store. Suspect will be charged for Shoplifting.

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