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Monday, December 24, 2012

Crime Blog 12/21-12/23

Sector 2
Burglary- 12/23 at 9:36pm- Carlton St
While investigating the burglary of a building, officers discovered another attempt had been made on a different apartment in the building through a window. Detectives conducted an investigation.

Sector 2
Burglary- 12/23 at 9:36pm – Carlton St
An officer was approached by a man who claimed to have been victim to an attempted burglary. The man had been in his bedroom of his apartment when he heard a nightstand in another room fall over. The victim walked into this room and found the window open. Victim did not see anyone inside or around his apartment, and was able to make contact with officer seen nearby.

Operating after Suspension- 12/23 at 8:55pm – Washington St
Officers observed a vehicle make an illegal left turn from Washington St onto High St. Officers pulled the vehicle over and upon running a query check of the operators drivers license discovered the operator had a suspended license. The operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension.

Sector 2
B&E&L of a Motor Vehicle- 12/23 at 8:44pm – Monmouth St
Victim had parked her car earlier in the afternoon and returned to find that it had been rifled through and several items were missing. Officers observed no sign of forced entry and victim reported that she may have left the doors unlocked.

Sector 3
Larceny- 12/23 at 12:00pm – Winchester St
Victim reported that items had been taken out of a package delivered to her buildings lobby. Neighbors reported seeing the package unopened, and returning to find it opened with items missing. The lobby to the building has been unlocked recently due to a broken lock.

Sector 3
Larceny- 12/22 at 12:25pm – Harvard St
Officer responded to a report of shoplifting that had just occurred on Harvard St.  An Officer spoke with the shift supervisor who explained she had seen the suspect with an open backpack in the store, and had become suspicious. The supervisor went to review security footage and the suspect fled. A description was given of the suspect and another officer on patrol observed a suspect fitting the description waiting for a bus. Transit police was notified and the bus was then stopped. Suspect was found with several items from the store in his bag. Suspect was placed under arrest for shoplifting.

Sector 1
Operating after Suspension – 12/22 at 3:14am – Beacon St
A random query of a vehicles registration revealed that the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license. The operator of the vehicle confirmed that he was the registered owner. The operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension.

Sector 9
B&E of Motor Vehicle- 12/21 at 8:46pm – Wolcott Rd
Victim reported that his two vehicles had been entered at some point during the night. Both vehicles had been left unlocked and there was no damage. Victim noticed items to be missing from both of the vehicles.

Sector 5
Liquor Violation- 12/21 at 5:35pm – Gardner Rd
Officer responded to a call of people on the roof. Caller was concerned that there was drinking and vandalism going on. Officer discovered 5 males on the roof of the house. One male was intoxicated. This male was placed under arrest for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. The roof had recently been tagged and this was documented by officers for a follow up investigation.

Sector 1
Not Duly Licensed- 12/21 at 6:05pm – St. Paul St
Officers observed a vehicle run a red light. A query check of the vehicles registration revealed that the registered owner did not have a driver’s license. The operator confirmed she was the registered owner and that she did not have a license. The operator was placed under arrest for Not Duly Licensed and the Red Light Violation.

Sector 4
B&E&L of Motor Vehicle- 12/21 at 12:20am – Pond Ave
Victims had returned to their car to find the front passengers window had been smashed and a purse had been taken. Victim stated that the car had been there for just over an hour. Security footage reveals a male smashing the window and retrieving the purse. The suspect left the scene in a vehicle that had been parked behind the victim’s vehicle.

Sector 2
Larceny- 12/21 at 8:00amSewall Ave
Officer was dispatched to a residence for report of a stolen bicycle. Victim reported that his bicycle had been locked with another bike in the basement of the residence. The basement is accessible by all tenants and property managers. There was no signs of forced entry to the basement.

Sector 7
Possession Cocaine- 12/22 at 6:30pm – Boylston St
Officers observed a vehicle travelling slowly with it’s hazard lights on. When the vehicle pulled over officer’s approached the vehicle. Officers observations and interactions with the occupants lead to the arrest of the passenger and driver. Both will be charged with Trafficking of Cocaine, Drug free School and Park Zone, and issued a Town By Law Violation for being in possession of under one ounce of marijuana. The passenger also had out standing warrants.

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