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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Police Reports 12/26

Sector 1
Operating after Suspension- 12/26
Officer observed a vehicle traveling the wrong way down a one way street. When the officer pulled the vehicle over and ran a license and registration check it was discovered that the operator had a suspended license. There were two passengers in the vehicle, it was discovered one had a warrant for her arrest. Also found in the vehicle was marijuana. Operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension, as well as issued a Town By-Law for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. The passenger with a warrant was also placed under arrest for the active warrant, and issued a Town By-Law for possession of less than one ounce.

Sector 4
Not Duly Licensed – 12/26 – Washington St
Officer observed a vehicle with one headlight not illuminated make a marked lane violation. As the officer ran the license plates it was discovered that the plates were stolen. The operator was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle Not Duly Licensed, Receiving Stolen Property, Operating an Unregistered and Uninsured vehicle, attaching wrong number plates, and defective headlight.

Sector 1
Straight Warrant – 12/26 at 7:59pm – Freeman St
Officers noticed a man shield himself behind a tree as he saw officers driving by. The officers believed this to be suspect and approached the man. The man identified himself and a query check revealed that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The man was placed under arrest for the active warrant.

Malicious Damage- 12/26 – Centre St
Officer responded to a call of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. Victim reported that he parks his car in a secured garage and that within the past two days someone had forcibly bent the metal base of his windshield wipers.

Sector 3
Burglary- 12/26 at 10:40am – Beacon St
Caller reported waking up to find an unknown man in his apartment on the fourth floor above a dentist office. The caller confronted the suspect who said he simply thought it was the dentist office. The caller later discovered his laptop to be missing.

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