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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Police Reports 4/30-5/1

Assault: Occurred on 4/30 at 7:44 PM- Beacon St.

Officers made three arrests for an assault that started on the MBTA Red Line and MBTA Green Line and ended in Brookline. The investigation is ongoing.

Shoplifting: Occurred on 4/30 at 1:27 PM- Harvard St.

A Stop and Shop employee reported a shoplifter. The employee stated that he observed a subject on surveillance who removed an item from the store shelf, leave the store without paying, and come back into to return the item. The subject was placed under arrest for Shoplifting. After a search of his person, the subject will also be charged with possession of heroin.

Trespassing: Occurred on 4/30 at 4:00 PM- Washington St.

A Town Hall employee reported a male subject who refused to leave the Payroll office. The employee asked the subject to leave because the office was closing for the day. The police informed the subject that he would be placed under arrest if he did not leave and allow the employee to close the office. The subject refused to leave and was placed under arrest for Trespassing.

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