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Friday, February 19, 2010

February 18th


  • Occurred 10:55AM (2/18) – 350 Washington St.

Victim came into the Brookline Police Station to report a violation of a restraining order. The suspect was also present. The victim stated that while leaving the courthouse, the suspect began yelling at her and was well within the 50 yards distance away from the victim that had been ordered. Police arrested the suspect for the violation.

  • Occurred between 11:13AM and 11:45AM (2/18) – Longwood Ave./Sewall Ave.

Police executed a traffic stop for a driving violation. The driver stated that he had a driver’s license from Maryland but it was currently not with him. Upon a check of the driver’s information, it was found that he did not have a license in Maryland or in Massachusetts. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest for being not duly licensed.

  • Occurred 9:11PM (2/18) – Harvard St./Beacon St.

Police performed a traffic stop for a driving violation. The driver stated that his driver’s license had been suspended. There were also two passengers also located in the vehicle. The driver stated that he felt like he was going to get sick, so the officers asked all of the passengers to get out of the vehicle while they performed an inventory of the motor vehicle. Officers found multiple forms of heroin paraphernalia, many containing heroin residue, and heroin itself. The driver was arrested for operating after suspension and both passengers were arrested for possession of a Class A substance (heroin).


  • Occurred between 8:00PM (12/27/2009) and 10:19AM (2/18) – 12 Kilsyth Rd.

Victim reported that sometime between the above times and dates the side brick wall of his building was spray painted. The markings were made with metallic silver paint. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred between 7:00AM (1/25) and 12:05PM (2/18) – Cypress St.

Victim reported to police that she had received a bad check. The victim had posted an advertisement on Craigslist to rent a bedroom out of an apartment. She received interest from a woman and was sent a check in the mail. After depositing the check, she attempted to withdraw funds. At this time she was notified that she had received a bad check. Police are following up on the case.

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