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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 16th


  • Occurred 12:59AM (2/16) – Independence Dr.

Police executed a traffic stop for a broken headlight. While stopped, the driver and passenger began making furtive movements around the middle console of the vehicle, forcing officers to order both occupants out of the vehicle to perform a search for weapons. A vial of marijuana and a bag of pills were found during the search. The passenger was arrested for possession of a Class E substance and the driver was arrested for two default warrants.

Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 4:45PM and 5:00PM (2/16) – 1195 Boylston St.

Police responded to a report of a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The victim stated that he parked the vehicle, went into a local supermarket, and drove home. By the time the victim reached his house he noticed his laptop computer was missing. Police are following up on the case.

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