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Friday, September 18, 2009

September 16th-17th Police Reports

September 16th-17th Police Reports


  • Occurred 12:05AM (9/16) – 22 High St.

Police responded to a call of an individual that had been stabbed. Victim stated that he had received a call from a friend stating that the suspect was angry with him. Victim was confronted by the suspect as he exited his home. Police have issued a warrant for the suspect’s arrest. Suspect was described as a thing black male, last wore a white t-shirt, has corn rows for hair, light skinned, sometimes wears his hair in an afro, and has a goatee.


  • Occurred 8:32PM (9/16) – 194 Boylston St.

Police reported having seen graffiti marks on the side of a local building and on its rear. Photographs were taken to be submitted into evidence.

  • Occurred between 8:00PM (9/16) and 9:30AM (9/17) – 1482 Beacon St.

Victim reported graffiti marks on the basement door to her house. Police were able to contact the victim’s landlord. The landlord stated that he is aware of the situation and will have the graffiti removed as soon as possible.


  • Occurred between 8:30PM (9/16) and 8:45PM (9/16) – 1280 Beacon St.

Victim reported that her purse was stolen while she was at a local restaurant. Victim reported that among the missing items were her home and car keys and cell phone. Victim canceled her credit cards and cell phone. Police are working on retrieving the surveillance footage.

  • Occurred between 12:00PM (9/10) and 8:00AM (9/11) – 128 University Rd.

Victim reported that his bicycle was stolen from his garage. Victim hadn’t seen any suspicious activity during the time of the theft.

Warrant Default

  • Occurred between 8:19AM (9/16) and 8:40AM (9/16) – 1 Centre St. Lot West

Suspect was spotted by police in the parking lot of a construction company. Suspect was known to have several default warrants. Suspect was placed under arrest for the default warrants.

  • Occurred 6:03PM (9/17) – Washington St/Juniper St

While on patrol, police spotted an individual that was known to have a default warrant. Suspect was placed under arrest.

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