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Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 5th Police Reports

August 5th Police Reports

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 9:30PM (8/4) and 7:18AM (8/5) – 2 South St.

Victim reported that some unknown person had smashed the right rear passenger window of his vehicle. Victim states that a ladies leather purse, credit cards, and a diamond necklace were missing. There was no other damage to the car.

  • Occurred between 2:00PM (8/4) and 8:00AM (8/5) – 30 Intervale Rd.

Police received a call on found property. Police were able to find the owner who stated that he had a break in of his vehicle the previous night. Victim stated that the only item missing was the bag that the officer had returned. Victim’s car had been left unlocked after the break in, nothing else was missing, and the vehicle had no damage.


  • Occurred 11:13AM (8/5) - Cottage St.

Police reported to a Central station alarm that had been set off due to a home break in. upon arrival to the residence police observed that the glass panes from the entry door had been broke, and the door was left unlocked. Police contacted the owner. Victim went through the house to see if anything was missing and found that the master bedroom had been rummaged through. Police located a cigarette box that was unknown to the victim. Detectives will be processing evidence and doing a follow up.


  • Occurred between 10:00AM (3/12) and 3:00PM (8/5) – 400 Washington St.

Victim reported that while incarcerated, an individual who had held onto her belongings had used her debit card. Victim stated that the individual was the only person that had custody of the card. Victim’s bank records in regards to the various charges will be placed into evidence. Victim was advised to all the proper jurisdictional police departments that corresponded with the charges on her account.

  • Occurred between 4:00PM (7/28) and 6:50PM (8/5) – 264 Aspinwall Ave.

Victim reported that he had been notified by his bank of a fraudulent check that he had cashed. Victim stated that he had been selling items on the internet and had come across a potential customer. Victim was sent a check that was written for an amount more then what was needed. Victim was told to cash the check, take out the necessary fees/payment, and then write a check back to the provided address for the remaining amount. Victim was advised by the bank to file a police report so that the matter could be investigated.


  • Occurred 4:29PM (5/30) – 14 Jefferson Rd.

Victim reported that a package from FEDEX was missing from the room she had placed in. Victim reports that several other packages had been left untouched. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred 2:42AM (8/5) – 0 Chestnut Hill T Stop

Police questioned a suspicious individual due to the suspect hanging around at a T stop during late hours when the T was not operating. Police learned that the suspect had an outstanding default Warrant for failing to appear. Due to the default warrant suspect was placed under arrest. During an inventory search police had to seize suspects expired license.

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