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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 4th Police Reports

August 4th Police Reports

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (8/1) and 9:00AM (8/3) – 0 Ashville Rd.

Victim reported that her vehicle had been broken into. Victim stated that nothing had been missing but her Steering wheel locking unit, “the club,” had been thrown on the grass.


  • Occurred between 6:00PM (7/25) and 11:33AM (7/27) – 302 Harvard St.

Victim reported that graffiti tags had been scratched into the glass windows and glass door of his business. Victim believes the incident may have occurred over the weekend.

Police will be taking photos for evidence.

  • Occurred 1:56PM (8/4) – 1 Gardner Path

Victim reported graffiti marks on the wall of his business. Upon arrival, police noticed several similar markings on different objects around the business. Photos were taken and the area was further examined to see if there were any other markings.


  • Occurred between 8:00PM (8/3) and 7:00AM (8/4) – 22 Searle Av.

Victim reported that his bike was stolen off the front porch of his home.

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