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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 3rd 2008 Police Reports


  • Occurred between 6:00PM (10/31) and 7:00PM (11/02) – 47 Winchester St

Victim reports that her husband’s bicycle had been stolen from the rear porch of their apartment building. The bicycle is described as a black men’s Cannondale mountain bike.

  • Occurred between 9:00PM (11/02) and 10:00PM (11/02) – 33 Pond Ave

Victim reported that upon returning to his vehicle he observed that his rear license plate was missing. It appeared that someone had ripped off the license plate since there was a small piece of plate remaining and attached to the right screw.


  • Occurred at 9:00PM (10/03) – Washington St/ Thayer St

Police responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival police observed the driver of the vehicle walking away from the scene. After stopping the driver further investigation revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol. The driver was placed under arrest for operating under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and not being duly licensed.

Attempted Burglary

  • Occurred between 1:30PM (11/02) and 4:00PM (11/03) – 104 University Rd

Victim reported that while at home he heard a noise come from the side door. After checking the door he observed that there was damage done to the frame and main bolt lock. It appeared that there was no entry gained and nothing appeared to be missing or out of place.


  • Occurred between 3:30PM (11/02) and 8:53AM (11/03) – 50 School St

Officers were dispatch to a report of graffiti. Officers met with a school official who stated that several doors of the school had been tagged with graffiti. One of the doors had “Obama” spray painted in white. There were two other doors that had the tag “NS Run 413” in white spray paint and another two doors that had markings spray painted in white.

  • Occurred between 6:00PM (10/31) and 8:00AM (11/01) – 402 Harvard St

Reporting party states that he observed graffiti written on his vehicle that was parked outside his business. The graffiti was written on the driver’s side of the vehicle using black spray paint.

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