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Monday, November 3, 2008

October 31st – November 2nd Police Reports

Graffiti Law

  • Occurred between 5:30PM (11/01) and 7:00AM (11/02) – 361 Washington St

Reporting party stated that he observed graffiti written on a door of the main library located on Washington St. There were two tags, one written in white spray paint and other written red spray paint.

  • Occurred between 5:30PM (11/01) and 7:00AM (11/02) – 50 School St

School official reported that he found graffiti spray painted on a door at Pierce School. The graffiti was done using white spray paint and was approximately three feet wide and six feet long. No damage was found on the door.

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (10/25) and 5:00PM (10/29) – 10 Monmouth Ct

Reporting party states that he observed graffiti written on the right side of his home in the alleyway. The graffiti was written on the outer stone wall of his home using red neon paint and read “Silly Girl”.

  • Occurred between 10:00PM (10/31) and 8:26AM (11/01) – 34 Babcock St

Reporting party states that there was damage done to the wall of her garage. The graffiti was done using black paint and read “Hazel team 2AMA0X”.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 10:00Pm (10/31) and 11:30AM (11/01) – 96 Fuller St

Victim reported that upon returning to her parked vehicle she observed that her windshield had been smashed. The damage appeared to be done from a brick that was found on the ground next to the vehicle. Nothing appeared to be missing,

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (10/31) and 8:01AM (10/31) – 78 Brington Rd

Victim reports that upon returning to his parked vehicle he observed that his rear window was broken. Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle.


  • Occurred at 2:34AM (11/01) – Beacon St/ Harvard St

An officer on patrol stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Upon approaching the driver the officer observed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the driver was operating under the influence of alcohol and was placed under arrest. The driver was also given a citation for a red light violation, and for making an illegal turn.

MV Theft

  • Occurred between 11:00AM (11/02) and 2:42PM (10/02) – 1731 Beacon St

Victim reported that upon returning to her vehicle she observed that it was missing from her parking space. The vehicle is a 1993 Green Jeep Cherokee with a Colby College sticker on the back window.


  • Occurred between 3:40PM (10/31) and 3:50PM (10/31) – 19 Copley St

Police were dispatch to a report of a breaking and entering. Upon arrival police met with the reporting party who stated that upon returning home she observed an unknown individual sleeping on her couch. A search revealed that the suspect had taken important papers belonging to the homeowners. The suspect was placed under arrest and charged with B&E daytime and larceny from a building

Breaking and Entering MV

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (10/30) and 7:00AM (10/31) – 96 Grove St

Victim reported that upon returning to his vehicle he observed that the contents of his glove compartment had been removed and had been placed on the passenger seat and floor. The vehicle had been left unlocked and nothing appeared to be missing.

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