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Monday, September 22, 2008

September 19th – 21st 2008 Police Reports


  • Occurred at 12:07 AM (9/19) – Commonwealth Ave/ St Marys St

An officer on patrol observed a vehicle traveling at excessive speed. After stopping the vehicle further investigation revealed that the driver’s license had been suspended. He was placed under arrest.


  • Occurred at 10:20AM (5/29) – 77 Pond Ave

Victim reports that he observed that his wallet was missing from the bottom drawer of his filing cabinet at his place of employment. The wallet contained $1000 in cash, and other personal identification papers. Nothing else appeared to be missing.

  • Occurred between 3:00PM (9/19) and 7:37AM (9/20) – 25 Newton St

Victim reports that sometime overnight his front plate to his motor vehicle was either lost or stolen. His vehicle was parked at the Brookline Parks Dept. Yard.

  • Occurred between 5:10PM (9/21) and 5:45PM (9/21) – 400 Heath St

Victims reported that they live in on- campus housing and had left their room for approximately 20 minutes with their door unlocked and open. Upon returning they observed several items stolen. Stolen items included a XBOX 360, 2 XBOX controllers, 3 XBOX video games, an LG cell phone, and a black Samsung cell phone, a black wallet, a flash drive, computer keyboard, a digital camera, an IPOD Nano and a Playstation video game console. Detectives will be conducting a follow up investigation.


  • Occurred between 1:30AM (9/21) and 7:12AM (9/21) – 7 Harvard Sq

Reporting party states that he observed graffiti written on the side of a building. Officers on scene observed the word “AYCE” written in white bubble letters.

  • Occurred at 7:40AM (9/19) – 144 Boylston ST

Reporting party states that he observed graffiti written on the roof of the Liner Tire building. Officers observed three tags in various locations on the roof top. The tags were “SEC”, “TANS” and “FAME”.

Breaking and Entering/ Larceny MV

  • Occurred between 10:15AM (9/20) and 12:34PM (9/20) – 60 Regent Cr

Victim reported that upon returning to his vehicle he observed that the right rear passenger window had been smashed. Victim states that his laptop and his black cloth laptop case valued at $600 were taken from his passenger seat.

  • Occurred between 7:00PM (9/18) and 8:00AM (9/19) – 637 Washington St

Victim reported that upon returning to his vehicle he observed that his driver’s side window had been smashed and that his driver’s side steering wheel air bag was missing. The vehicle’s glove compartment and center console were also found open. Nothing appeared to be missing.

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