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Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30th Police Reports

Stolen Bike

  • Occurred between 4PM (6/28) and (6/29) - 1359 Beacon Street

Victim reports sometime overnight her bicycle was stolen from the rear hallway of her apartment building. The value of this item is over $200.


  • Occurred between 10:30AM (6/29) and 6:00PM (6/29) – 436 Harvard Street (City Wears)

Victim reports that sometime during the day her wallet was stolen from her knapsack. The knapsack was placed off to the side of the counter at her place of business. The victim stated that she had two credit cards, Citi Bank and Chase Bank, $32.00 Cash, a Citi Bank debit card, and a Ma. Drivers License.

  • Occurred on 10:15AM (06/25) and 2:30PM (06/25) – 70 Pearl Street

Victim returned home to find her apartment has been pilfered through. Victim reports that $40.00 along with a set of keys is missing.


  • Occurred at 5AM (06/29) – 22 High Street

Police on patrol were drawn to the attention of an individual who yelled “hey”. Upon approaching the individual notified the officer that he was in need of medical assistance. Further questioning revealed that there was a domestic dispute between the victim, his girlfriend and the daughter. Victim’s girlfriend and daughter were arrested and charged with assault and battery domestic.

  • Occurred at 7AM (06/27) – 48 Harrison Street

Police on patrol noticed an individual walking along the side walk in the vicinity of 24 Francis Street heading towards Harrison Street while a second individual was seen in the driveway. After the individuals flagged the officers to ask for directions they noticed one was carrying a GPS with the mount still attached to it. Police questioning found that both subjects had previous records for similar offenses. Both suspects were taken into custody and charged with possession of burglarious tools, breaking and entering to a motor vehicle, possession of Class D – Marijuana and resisting arrest.

Breaking and Entering

  1. Occurred between 9:30PM(6/28) and 3:00AM – 87 Ivy Street

Victim discovered the passenger side window of her vehicle broken. Items missing from the vehicle included a TOMTOM GPS ($300) mounted on the windshield, an iPod ($249), that was concealed under the cigarette compartment and her Apple laptop computer ($2000) which was placed under the seat.

  • Occurred between 6:30PM (6/28) and 10:00PM (6/28) - 20 Dean Road

Victim returned home to find her apartment broken into. Item missing includes a Laptop computer (Toshiba) from a desk in the family room.


  • Occurred at 12:10PM (06/28) – 253 Harvard Street

Victim reports that he was riding his bike in the bike lane when a car entered his lane and almost collided with him. Victim was assaulted after a conformation with the driver. The driver then entered his car and drove away. An investigation is still ongoing.


· Occurred at 1:49PM (6/27) – 70 Colchester Street

Victim who was at work at the Christ Unity Church stated that after leaving to go outside for 15 minutes he returned and noticed that his laptop was missing and had been unplugged from his desk. The laptop is a Black Compaq valued at 900 dollars.

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