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Friday, April 23, 2021

April 21, 2021

Sunday, April 18, 2021 
SHOPLIFTING - Officers responded to a shoplifting in progress on Beacon St. The reporting party shared a description of an individual who just left the establishment with unpaid merchandise. The suspect was later found on Harvard St. The matter was resolved and the suspect will be summoned to court. 

FRAUD - Officers responded to a larceny report on Washington St. where the victim shared that they received an email that someone made a fraudulent charge on their company's PayPal account. The victim called the phone number on the email and the caller said that they made a mistake and credited the account with an large amount of money. The caller then advised the victim to purchase gifts cards in order to fix the amount of  money on the account. While at a store to purchase gift cards, store employees stopped the victim was purchasing the gift cards. The victim contacted police after.

Monday, April 19, 2021
ANIMAL BITE - Officers responded to Blake Rd. for an animal bite where the victim was out for a morning run and a group of turkeys came towards them and one made contact with them. The victim contacted police and special attention will be given to the area.

LARCENY - Officers responded to Commonwealth Ave. for a report of theft. It was reported that the subject stole from the tip jar of the establishment and left the store. Officers have a description of the suspect and are trying to get surveillance footage. 

LARCENY - Officers responded to Lawton St. for a past larceny. The victim shared that they noticed shoes were missing from their foyer and upon looking at their Ring camera footage, they see a subject take their sneakers and exit the vestibule. Officers are following up with a description and footage of the suspect.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 
LARCENY - Officers responded to a larceny report on Freeman St. where the victim shared that they contacted a company to get a refund for an unauthorized charge. The spokesperson for the company claimed that they mistakenly refunded more than the agreed upon amount. They requested that the victim buy gift cards and provide them the access codes in order to resolve the issue. After the victim did so, they realized they had been scammed and contacted police. 

FRAUD - Officers responded to a report of unemployment fraud where the victim shared that their social security number was used to file for unemployment benefits.

LARCENY - Officers responded to a larceny report on Beacon St. where the reporting party shared that their backpack had been stolen. They shared that they left their backpack at their workplace and when returning later, the backpack was gone. A door in the building was found ajar and officers are trying to get surveillance footage at the moment. 

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