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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

9-5- thru 9-7-2020


On 09/07/2020, Officers responded to the Brookline Police Station to take a stolen license plate report. The victim reports  she left her apartment and went to Star Market in Boston. When she arrived to the store she noticed that he license plate was missing.  A report was filed.

 On 09-07-2020 a resident of  Lyon Road for contacted the Brookline Police to report a B&E of a motor vehicle. The victim reports his vehicles were parked in his driveway and someone had rummaged thru the center console. A report has been filed.

On 09-7-2020, Officers responded to the police station to take a report of identity theft. The victim   received a letter in the mail from the Department of Unemployment Assistance stating he recently filed a claim for unemployment, yet he did not file this claim as he is still employed.  A report was filed.

On 09-07-2020 a resident of Heath St. called the Brookline Police to report that someone entered his vehicle over night, but that he doesn't believe anything was taken. The contents of his center console and glove box had been emptied onto the front seat. A report was filed and Detectives notified.

On 09-07-2020 a resident of Heath St contacted the Brookline Police to report a B&E of a motor  vehicle.  The victim reports he parked his car in his driveway and when he went to go out in his car this morning he noticed that his vehicle had been entered and the contents of the center console and glove box had been emptied out on to the front seat. He immediately called the police and did not touch the contents of the vehicle.  He said by looking at the items he noticed that a few things were missing. A report was filed and the Detectives were notified.

On 9/4/2020 While working a private detail on Beacon Street a Brookline Officer was approached by anonymous resident of  Webster Street who wished to report possible public consumption of marijuana. The Officer located the subject in question and advised the person about local laws concerning marijuana consumption.

On 09/06/2020,Officers responded to an address on  Brook Street for a report of a suspicious male going through private backyards. Brookline Control gave out a description of the suspect as a white male, lean build, bushy beard wearing a red t-shirt, dark colored shorts and a backpack. The Officers canvassed the area and located the subject in question. During the investigation it was discovered the subject had 4 outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was additionally charged with M.G.L. 266 § 120 - Trespassing on Private Property.  He was placed into custody and transported to the Brookline Police Station.

On 09-6-2020 Officers responded to an address on St. Paul Street for a report of bicycle tire theft. The victim reports he saw his bicycle locked to the pole just outside his building and it was intact.  This afternoon at approximately 1500 hours he exited his building and found that his bicycle was missing both tires and the seat.  He located the seat in the park next to his building, close to Amory Street, but was unable to locate the tires.  The tires were from a Specialized brand bike and had an approximate value of $100. A report was filed and the detectives were notified.

On 09/06/2020 Officers took a report for lost or stolen property. The reporting party last saw her beige bag when she was at a location on Harvard St. A report has been filed.

On 09/5/2020 Officers took a report for a B &E&L of a motor vehicle which occurred in the rear of a residence on  Naples Rd. The victim stated that she parked her vehicle, in the rear at approximately 1800hrs on 9/4/20.  On 9/5/20 around 1600hrs she noticed several items missing from the rear of the vehicle including a Coach bag , Coach shoes and various items of clothing. Additionally a Louis Vuitton Wallet was taken.  A report was filed and Detectives were notified.


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