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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

07/06 - 07/07


Officers were dispatched to Vernon street for a report of an attempted B&E. Dispatch provided officers with a description of the suspect and told officers that they were last seen in a white vehicle. At approximately 7:10 AM officers observed an individual matching the description acting suspiciously, walking from door to door on Vernon street. The officers decided to wait and observe the suspects actions before making contact. The suspect then stopped on one front porch, and placed a few small porcelain vases into a backpack. They then returned to their vehicle and drove off. After witnessing this crime, officers made contact and stopped the vehicle.

During the traffic stop the backpack containing the stolen vases was discovered on the passenger seat. The suspect told police that the vases belonged to a friend. Officers made contact with the victim and told them what had just happened. They confirmed that they were indeed missing vases off their front porch, and confirmed that the ones in the possession of the suspect were the missing items. Because of this fact, the suspect was placed under arrest for larceny and attempted B&E.

After her arrest, a bike was discovered in the backseat of her vehicle, which was later reported stolen to BPD by another Brookline resident. The second victim also told police that her car was broken into and money stolen as well. Because of this, the suspect faces more charges in addition to the original ones.


Officers took report of a stolen bicycle from Harvard Avenue. The victim provided officers with a description of the bike and last time she saw it. Officers are investigating.

Officers assisted EMT/Fire with 6 separate calls for service.

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