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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

06/22 - 06/23

06/22/22 - At approximately 6:40 PM Officers were dispatched to Park Street to take report of a stolen vehicle. Once on scene officers met with the victim who showed police her designated parking spot where she last parked her vehicle. Police contacted all local towing agencies with no success. Investigation is on going.

06/22/22 - Officers took a report of a stolen bicycle over the phone on Crowninshield Road. Police are investigating.

06/22/22 - Officers took report of credit card fraud over the phone. Police are investigating.

06/23/22 - At approximately 3 AM officers were dispatched to Washington Street to a reported vehicle crashed into a pole. Once on scene officers identified the vehicle with heavy front end damage, wrapped around a pole. The driver received several superficial abrasions, while the passenger required medical attention.

The vehicle was completely totaled in the crash and needed to be towed off scene. Prior to towing the vehicle, an inventory of the car was conducted. Immediately after starting the inventory search of the vehicle, officers identified illegal fireworks strewn about the interior. Noticing these fireworks, further searching resulted in officers discovering dealer amounts of narcotics and an illegal firearm.

The suspect was then placed in handcuffs and brought to BKPD headquarters for booking.

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