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Thursday, February 27, 2020

FEBRUARY 26, 2020

An officer took a car break report from a residence on Walnut St. Sometime overnight, two vehicles were entered through unlocked doors. Items were disturbed, but nothing was reported stolen.

At 1015 hrs, officers responded to a business on Commonwealth Ave for a shoplifting that just occurred. One suspect was stopped just outside the business entrance. He admitted to shoplifting, but provided a false ID. His identity was later learned and several warrants were found for his arrest. This suspect was arrested for shoplifting and the warrants. A second suspect was located inside the store. The second suspect was identified and several warrants for his arrest were found. This suspect was placed under arrest for the warrants.

At 1804 hrs, officers responded to the main library on Washington St for a fight between two patrons. The victim stated that he woke the suspect from sleeping at a computer by shaking him. The suspect responded to being woken by punching the victim in the head. It was later learned that the suspect had a warrant for his arrest and was in possession of a pill bottle belonging to someone else. The suspect was arrested for assault and battery on an elderly person, possession of class e drugs and the warrant.

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