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Monday, May 20, 2019

Thursday, May 16th

9:34AM: A police officer was at Lincoln School when he was approached by a citizen that had found property. The reporting party was cleaning her desk when she found a men’s gold wedding ring that had been turned into her about a year ago. Upon closer look, police noticed the name “Julie” and the date “4/9/18” engraved on the inside band. The item has been placed in an evidence locker for safe keeping.  

2:08PM: A man contacted Brookline Police’s Animal Control unit to report a dog bite. The reporting party was walking his dog off leash at Amory Park at 10:30AM on May, 16th. The reporting party noticed a large Great Dane that was heading towards his direction. The Great Dane approached the reporting party’s dog and began to bark, snarl, and bite. Once the reporting party separated the animals, he confirmed his dog had no injuries. This is the second time the Great Dane has acted aggressively towards another dog in Amory Park. Both dogs are registered with the town and up to date on their vaccinations. The owner of the Great Dane was given a citation and the animal is suspended from off leash privileges for 30 days.

8:57PM: Officers received a report that a package had been stolen on Parkway Road. The reporting party ordered two pairs of shoes. They were to be delivered on Friday, May 10th at 12PM. He never received them and has been working with UPS to locate the package. It should be noted that the reporting party has just moved out of Brookline. Police are investigating this case.

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