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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tuesday, October 30th

5:10PM- An officer was dispatched to the Evelyn Kirrane Aquatic Center on Tappan Street for a report of indecent exposure that occurred earlier in the day.  The director informed the officer that a witness observed another patron who is a Brookline resident inappropriately exposing himself.  The witness reported that around 6:30AM while conducting a morning swim he observed an older white male in the swimming area standing by the pool wall facing the stands.  He later noticed the older male had moved to the other end of the pool and was swimming.  As the witness approached the end of the pool he viewed the older male’s swimming trunks down around his knees and he was inappropriately touching himself.  The reporting party notified the life guard and front desk staff about his observations and when he returned the older male had already exited the pool.  The older male was identified and contacted.  He is being charged with Open and Gross and this matter is still under investigation.

A report was made of an animal bite on Fuller Street.  The reporting party stated he was walking on Fuller Street, approaching Harvard Street.  He crossed paths with a person walking several dogs.  He recalls one of the dogs biting him on the left leg.  Out of the group of dogs he remembers which dog was the aggressor.  He told the dog walker about the biting incident and police are conducting an investigation.

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